"I play in a folk/bluegrass acoustic duo (Acoustic guitar and upright bass) and your Mississippi Drum Machine has added an entirely new and awesome element to our performances! It's exactly what we've been needing. The bassist also plays mandolin on some songs so he bought one of your acoustic pickups to try out and it sounds amazing. I couldn't believe the sound that it produces, it's like having a microphone without all the feedback! Awesome stuff!" -Cameron, AZ

David M. Porter
"I LOVE your AP1 pickup! I use it on my Gold Tone GT-500 banjo when I play out and it sounds great coming through the amplifier! Thank you. ~Ash~" - Franklin, PENN

Ashley Birkhead
"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing customer service. It was really nice to talk to Larry on the phone, really nice guy! I received the package in the mail two days after I talked with you guys and IT HAD STICKERS IN IT!!! You guys rock! Thank you!"  - Salem, OR

Joshua Alerado
"You've got a lifelong fan of Mojohound! Keep the music alive, Charlie Worsham" -Nashville, TN

Charlie Worsham
"I ordered a couple of your universal acoustic pickups to use with some of my instruments (I play a lot of African stringed instruments like the Bolon and Kora... It's almost impossible to find a good way to amplify those) and I could not be happier with the sound and the service! These pickups are amazing, I've even used them on my cajon drum with great success. I did a little recording last week and used these pickups more than I used my mics, haha! Thanks so much Mojohound. Cheers Mates!" -Taree, New South Wales, Australia

Ethan Akhurst
"The foot drum is so good for me on stage!! I use it at all of my shows. People are always asking me where the drum is coming from, I tell them it's magic hahaha :) I'm traveling to England to play this summer and the foot drum will be coming with me!" -Poznan, Poland

Dominik Pawlak
"Hello, I've been playing guitar for roughly 22 years. I recently acquired a fairly rare vintage 1974 Alvarez Yairi DY 85 acoustic and I love it so much it's basically become my main instrument. I purchased one of your company's APEQ pickup systems and had my luthier install it for me. I wanted to write you to tell you how pleased I was with the outcome. The sound is very clean and it is able to replicate the sound of the guitar almost exactly. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done." -Valley Springs, CA

Charles Miller
"Hi! I bought one of your acoustic pickups to use with my mandolin about a month ago and it's the bees knees!! It looks really neat on my instrument and it sounds so great! ~Muah~ Jessica -Colorado Springs, CO

Jessica Laurey
"I recently started playing my handmade dulcimer every Wednesday at my church here in Arkansas. We usually have three or four other people playing at the same time and it was difficult to be loud enough to be heard. One of our guitar players, Matt Neville, use your MHM-AP1 universal acoustic pickup and he let me try it out on my dulcimer, it worked wonderfully! He pointed me to a local music store where I could purchase one, but they didn't have a top that I liked so they called you right from the store and let me talk to the owner. He was so nice and he helped me pick one out that I liked. They shipped it directly to the store and I've been using it ever since. Thank you so much for all of your help and for this wonderful product. I would recommend this company to everyone." -Perryville, AR

Margret P. Coleman
"Salut! My name is Isaac and I play classical guitar professionally, it is my living. I purchased one of your stompboxes about 6 months ago to play around with. It has been a very fun experience for me learning to play with it. I frequently use this instrument during my stage performances, it is built very well and is a beautiful and unobtrusive accent to my music." -Yzeure, France

Isaac C. Bertrand
"You just do not find customer service exhibited by your email, offered by any business anymore. Honestly, it is refreshing and also something that I will be certain to share about you."  - Canyon, TX

"Great, great stuff very nice tone!"

"The MDM-I has become an indispensable addition to our live set. Thanks for a great product guys!" - Scranton, PA

Jamie Higgins
"Best customer service I’ve ever received from any business. Couldn’t be happier with my pickup!!"

"I've tried several different stompboxes from several different companies. I’ve even gone so far as to make a few of my own, but after picking up your MDM-I my search is over – it sounds perfect eq’d up on my bass rig and it looks exceptional!" - Fayetteville, NC

Mark Dillon