MHM-AP1 Universal Acoustic Pickup

MHM-AP1 Universal Acoustic Pickup


The MHM-AP1 – “Perhaps the greatest universal acoustic pickup to ever land on the shelves of a music store.”

Mojohound Music Company started their business with this very pickup and it continues to be our best selling item. When initially designing the MHM-AP1 we looked at a myriad of similar pickups currently on the market and decided that we would make every effort to set a new standard for sound, quality and excellence in this category.

We designed this pickup from the start to be the absolute best that it could be, inside and out. From the type of silicate compound used to encase the patent-pending transducer head and the twice shielded, nickel plated output jack to the incredibly strong and durable, shielded audio cable  - we explored every possible avenue and spared no expense when crafting this pickups and the design has remained relatively unchanged since its inception in 2009.

The MHM-AP1 attaches simply and easily to the surface of any acoustic instrument. The adhesive compound will maintain a strong and lasting bond without any damage to the surface of the instrument, and when you’re ready to transfer the pickup to another instrument it removes as quickly and easily as it did when originally placed.  The jack is holstered in a piece of premium, designer leather, which easily attaches to the strap button of the instrument for an attractive and secure hold.This simple little pickup has proven to be an invaluable asset in an ever-growing number of professional recording studios and has been used by thousands of artists to amplify everything from a classical violin to a homemade washtub bass. If it taps, clicks, vibrates, bends or buzzes and you want to amplify it, then the MHM-AP1 is the best solution for you.

A pre-amp is recommended, but not required.

The MHM-AP1 pickup is made right here in the USA, by materials sourced from companies in USA and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


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