About Us

Industry leading technologies combined with the quality of meticulously handcrafted products puts Mojohound at the forefront of the music industries boutique manufacturing markets.

We have a passionate and unwavering commitment to our customers and vendors. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive costumer service solutions. Our focus is on two things, our customers and our products. When you call us you will be speaking with a real human being, more often than not you will be speaking with the owner himself, Larry Chapin, who makes it a point to talk with everyone who calls into the office or shop.

We are continually developing new and innovative products to provide you with the highest quality musical equipment available. Though our pockets may not be as deep as some larger companies, we make up for that with precise attention to detail and scrupulously engineered, handcrafted products. We do business both nationally and internationally, but we strongly believe in supporting our local communities. We recently witnessed, first hand, the power and strength of a community, comprised of a broad spectrum of individuals, coming together to help one another in every imaginable way.

Mojohound Music Company is based in Carthage, Missouri just a few miles away from Joplin, Missouri – the site of the recent (May 22nd, 2011) EF5 tornado. Every day you can drive down just about any street in Joplin and witness the kind, selfless actions of those giving love and helping one another. We could write a book about our experiences that day and all of the days that have ensued since that tragedy, but it will suffice to say that we all could stand to give a little more, to reach out to one another and give love.

Above all else we support you, the musician. You are the reason we show up at the shop and get down to work with a smile on our face. We support local music – we support you.

Thank You,
Lawrence Oliver Quinn Chapin
(Owner – Mojohound Music Co.)

Mojohound Music Company was established in late April of 2009 by Larry Quinn Chapin. Having recently graduated college with degrees in Biology and Paleoanthropology, Larry set about turning his life long passion for music and the physics of musical instruments into a successful business.


“I knew that I wanted to give myself some time off from school before pursuing my degrees any further [...] I had no idea that two years down the road I would be the owner of a manufacturing/distribution company that built musical equipment. I couldn’t be happier about the way things have unfolded.” 


“I basically took what has always been a hobby of mine (woodworking, building musical instruments and tinkering with electronics) and through a series of events, turned it into a business. It seemed like it just happened over night [...] - Larry Chapin [owner]

Sitting across from me at a workbench in one of his dimly lit shops among old broken guitars hanging from the rafters, parts tables strewn with who-knows-what, the smell of freshly cut wood and a roaring fire in a barrel stove; it’s easy to get lost in the warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere here at Mojohound headquarters.  And the more I talk with Larry; the more stories that I hear, the longer I want to stay…

“I’m certainly no stranger to hard work […] I’ve spent most of my young adult life either working on a farm or in the construction business. Not because those were the only jobs I could find, but because I absolutely loved it […] being able to see the results of all your hard work at the end of the day or the season was very fulfilling for me. I think that’s one of the main reasons I love doing what I do so much. It’s very hard work and it’s not for everyone, but I couldn’t see myself finding any greater joy doing anything other than what I am doing right now.”
- Larry Chapin [owner]


Interview by James Matthers (8/17/2011)